Rental Car Tips

Compare prices-do a little online shopping, even if you belong to a rental car club.
While some business travelers may be locked into a specific company rental car agreement, many business travelers, and most vacationers can shop for the best price. Car rental prices are competitive and vary by the season and location.
Check different types of cars as well-you may be surprised that a larger car may be more cost
effective for you in the long run.
Check for a free upgrade.  Before you reserve, check for coupon offers online.
Look at the bottom line!  Be sure you look to see what the final price is…have you counted any extra days?
Remember to factor in the extras—additional drivers, underage drivers, insurance requirements etc.
Not all cars come with unlimited miles-check before you go especially if you are planning a long trip-
same is true for out of state driving. Be sure you are allowed take the car where you want to drive.
Check the return fuel requirements before you leave the rental counter–do you need to bring it back with a full tank?
If so, and you don’t bring it back with a full tank, you may pay a hefty surcharge.
One-way rentals may be hard to come by—check  for specials or with regional companies if you can’t find what you want.
Be sure to determine the drop-off charge for returning the car to a different location.
Book Ahead!  Car rentals may sell out, especially in popular locations, in high seasons-such as Florida or Arizona in the winter. 
10-Be a good sport—cancel your reservation if you don’t need it.  It only takes a few seconds, and holds down costs for everyone in the long run.