A J.D. Power 2022 survey finds Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, Tampa International Airport and Indianapolis International Airport get good marks from travelers for customer satisfaction, as travel volume surged and labor shortages hit the industry nationwide.

On the other hand, Philadelphia International Airport, LAX, O’Hare and Honolulu got poor marks, with Philadelphia faring worst of the 27 cities surveyed.

Here’s a link to the survey


Have any questions or concerns regarding your next auto rental? 
Carla regularly posts the most frequently asked questions on this page.
1. Should I buy the car rental insurance at the counter? 
A: You need to do your homework before you leave on your trip to answer this frequent question.  What car insurance do you already have? Does it cover rental cars? What is your comprehensive deductible? Does your credit card provide any rental car coverage, and if so does it take effect only after your primary coverage kicks in?
Since some rental car companies are looking carefully at their returned vehicles for dents or scratches, it pays to know what your coverage is, before you decide if the added insurance is worth the cost.

2: Should I fill up the gas tank before I return the rental car?
A: Check before you leave the counter at registration for the company’s gas policy.  Some companies charge you an inflated rate to fill up the tank if you don’t return it full.  Other simply require that you fill it to the same level as when you picked up the car.
3: How do I get a good deal on a rental car?
A: Car rental prices are going up in many markets and it pays to do a little shopping around to compare prices.  During peak travel seasons for example Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and over the summer months, it pays to Book Early!  Some companies require you to give your credit card info rmation when you reserve the car, others will hold the reservation with just your name and email address.  Either way, its best to be sure to cancel any reservations you don’t use.
4:  How old do I have to be to book a rental car?
A: Most companies require drivers to be at least 25 years of age.  A few, including Advantage, which operates in 11 Western states, Alamo, Dollar, Enterprise and Thrifty will rent to drivers ages 21-24 but there is usually a significant surcharge to do so, and the option may not be available at all locations.  Occasionally, a local agency will rent to drivers 18-21, but this is rare.
5:  What is the difference between the ‘base price’ and the final price?
A: The base price is the car rental price before any add-ons such as insurance costs, extra driver fees, infant seat rentals, and the increasing number of local, state and federal taxes.